CERCLE - A beautiful french word meaning circle, a club or a society. Founded in 2012, CERCLE is committed to offer only exceptional quality beauty services to our lovely clients.Proud to be a pioneer of lash art as well as feathertouch semi permanent make up in Australia, CERCLE has been interviewed by a number of lifestyle megazines and radio stations for the latest beauty trend. Founder Ana Wong is also a regular beauty columnist for Citywalker and TVB magazine.

Quality matters. This is the number one motto of CERCLE, this is what the team believes, and the very reason why CERCLE was founded. Girls at CERCLE want to share our passion of beauty with the world.Hence, We would like to invite you to come and experience us - experience the difference.

Over the years we have expanded and now offer a wide variety of beauty treatments for our clients. We now manufacture our own eyelashes (yay! for top quality lashes!) and we are also proud to be the pioneer of eyebrow crafting and lashliner on the market, introducing natural and effortless korean style semi-permanent make up to the Australian market. The following is a list of services that we currently offer, should you have any enquiries relating to any of the following services please do not hesitate to contact the team via sms/email/social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Weibo or Wechat. The username for all social media platform is : CercleBeauty



選用自家品牌睫毛,業界最高等級材質,提供大量不同程度的長度,捲度,和濃密度可選。利用不同的睫毛為客人營造出不同的效果,出席不同的場合。We manufacture our own brand of lashes for all eyelash extensions performed on our clients, they are the highest quality of mink lashes that you can currently find on the beauty market today. We offer various ranges of length, curl, and thickness of lashes for our clients to choose from, in order to create a unique look for each of you, for different occasions let it be your wedding or just everyday wear.


不同的臉型適合不同的眉型,不同的眉型能為造型帶來不同的感覺,定期修眉可以確保妳的眉型時刻保持在最佳狀態,即使要臨時出席重要場合,眉型都一樣整齊,不會被雜亂的眉毛影響妝感。Different face shapes requires different brow shapes, and different brow shapes creates different styles of each person. Regularly having your eyebrows trimmed and tidied help keep your brows always at the best condition, even if there comes an important event that you need to attend anytime, your brows will be tidy and ready for that! 


韓式飄眉跟舊式的紋眉、繡眉、柔眉、植眉完全不一樣。飄眉效果顏色自然,手法輕柔,我們會根據每位客人眉毛的生長方向、粗細狀況來操作,完成後效果跟自己的眉毛一樣,看上去立體而真實。操作方面只限於表皮層向後飄畫的手法,不會傷及真皮,而且操作前我們會先替客人的皮膚作局部麻醉,所以怕痛的女生可以鬆一口氣了。飄眉效果可以維持一到兩年, 特別適合我們年輕女生,即使日後想要改變眉型都相當方便。Eyebrow craftings are different from traditional style of eyebrow tattoos. Eyebrow crafting is a manual method of implanting pigments into clients skin with a handpiece and no machine is involved. Only the superficial layer of the skin will be involved in the procedure, and local anaesthetic cream will be applied prior to the commencement of treatment. Results last for 1-2 years, suitable for young girls who do not wish to have a fixed brow shape for too long as trends and preference can change over time.


韓式裸妝其中一個重點就是一條乾淨俐落的內眼線,想像一下如果卸妝後能夠保留內眼線的話,眼睛就不怕變得沒神和會顯出一臉倦容了。我們於操作過程中會使用半永久的色乳來把睫毛根部填滿,完成後眼睛看上去會變得更大更有神,睫毛也會顯得很濃密,效果自然,即使夏天到了也不再怕會變熊貓眼了。在韓國,幾乎每個女生都有做隱型內眼線喔。One of the most important key points for all korean style natural make up is a defined and natural inner eyeliner. Lashliner help fill out the empty spaces between your lashes with high quality pigments, your eyes will be leaving looking more defined, lashes will look fuller and the results is extraordinarily natural. 


所用的產品全天然,全有機,孕婦都可以安心使用。我們的美容師受過專業的排毒面部護理課程,確保可以為妳提供最專業,效果最安全和顯著的護理體驗。獨有的排毒接摩手法不但可以自然地促使皮膚自行清除毒素,更可以同時為妳放鬆神經,是下班後時段最多人預約的項目之一。We use natural and organic products for all our vegan facial treatments, it is safe even for pregnant women. Our beauty therapist had professional detox training for face and body, to ensure our clients can receive the safest and most effective facial and body treatment experience.